Sunday, January 3, 2010

2nd Quater Outside Reading Book Review

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. Genre: Fiction

Artemis Fowl is the first installment in the 7 story long Artemis Fowl series. The books main characters are the boy genius, Artemis Fowl (quite obviously), and his assistant, Domovoi Butler, which who is commonly spoken to as 'Butler.' This story takes place in modern day Ireland, but it also takes place in the underground magical cities of fairies. This story begins to kick in as Artemis beings to try to prove the existence of fairies in the living world. He travels to Vietnam and encounters a book that explains a lot about fairies written in the fairy language, gnomish. This book leads his further in the ordeals of the fairies. Eoin Colfer does an astounding job in describing very fine point details in his story, which gives the reader a great mental imagry of the things that are actually occuring within the story. "Let us proceed under the assumption that fairies do not exist and that I am a gibbering moron." The Artemis Fowl series has now captivated my attention greatly and I want to read further into the series since this book has the concept and fantasy and fairies mixed together and a great attention capturing book. I would enjoy reading further into the series to see what would occur later.


  1. Jairo's overall impression of the book was a good one. He likes the plot and authors writing style.

    He noticed that the author changes writing perspectives between a few different people throughout the book. this gives it a unique characteristic not many other books have.

    The passage that Jairo picked was a very interesting one. It shows the authors reading style as it's best.

    I have already read this book.

    I would reread this book because it is a really good book.

  2. You really enjoyed this book. You find the plot to be exciting and thrilling.
    You noticed that the author changes perspectives between many characters throughout the book, rather than staying on a single one.
    I love the passage you picked! It shows a high intelligence that verges on overconfidence and even cockiness.
    I have already read this novel, but it is the kind of book that makes you pick it up again anyway!

  3. Jairo's impression of this book was excellent. He enjoyed the book, and would read further into the series.
    Jairo has noticed the difference in perspective with characters. This reminds me of a book I have read before. Books like these have uncommon sides to them.
    I favor the quote, it gives a good taste of the author's voice and how the character perceives it. It is full of life.
    I did consider it in the past. It has become weary since then, but taking a look at what Jairo has written, I may start considering again.

  4. 1. Jairo really enjoyed this book and would read more of the books in this series.

    2. Jairo noted that the author changes the perspective from which the story is told.

    3. The quote shows that the author definitely has an interesting style of writing.

    4. It was a very good review and I'm glad that it interested you in reading more of this series.

    5. I haven't read this series, but it looks like it is very interesting to read, so I might.

  5. 1. Jairo liked this book and would like to keep reading this series. He really liked the plot.
    2. Jairo noticed that the author changes perspective in the story.
    3. I love the quote that Jairo picked!!!! It makes me want to read the books because it sounds funny :)
    4. This was a good review! It showed his opinion very well and his word choices (and passge choice) were very persuading.
    5. I would consider reading this book because I haven't read this series yet and it sounds like the kind of books that I love to read.