Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Saving

Becca sat down at her desk and inhaled deeply, tossing the contents of the box across the table, then assorting them back into their own piles. She took slow breathes and examined the pictures and the other documents very closely. She slowly peered out the window and saw a large woman tugging on a young boy’s arm. His clothes were very torn and looked like they haven’t been washed in ages. The boy had pleading eyes and messy hair and stared straight into the window and Becca’s and the boy’s eyes met in a stare that seemed like it lasted ages. The gazing was broken as the boy was thrown 5 feet forward onto his face by the large woman. Suddenly broken from her concentration, she jumped up from her chair and ran outside to see if the boy was okay. She sprint onto the side with her window and saw no sight of the boy and the woman. Disappointed, she ambled back her office to work on the story with her grandmother.
What have I dragged my self into this time, thought the boy as he was being thrashed by his mother sensuously. The mother was thrashing the boy because the school principal had call to tell her that they had caught him stealing sweets from other students. He didn’t say a word as his mother as she beat him because he knew it would just end up crossing against him. One of the only things on his mind was the woman at the printing company. He knew she wanted to help him, that’s why he wanted to go back there as much as he could. If he could, he could sneak out of the school, or his own house to get to that woman.
Becca sat nervously at her desk remembering the cut and bruised face of the little boy. She felt sympathetic for the boy for the fact that he had been tossed around and looked like he was mistreated and especially malnourished. Her hands were trembling as she argued in her own mind over which to pursue first, the history of her grandmother, or to aid the little boy from what looked like an abusive mother. She discussed with herself back and forth what was more important, and she finally agreed upon that she would try her best to see if she could aid the little boy as quick as possible and then to uncover the past of the grandmother.
The next day, the boy, David, instead of taking his normal route to school, he thought of the quickest way back to the printing company where he had found Becca. He tried his best and sprinting down many different streets before standing directly in front of the door to the building. He thought immensely to try to remember which window he found Becca the other evening. His eyes wide, he remembered which window it was and sped right to that same window. Struck with great sadness, all he could see was a light inside an office and the desk in which Becca sat, was completely empty of anything that could have left a trace of her. Maybe she’s in that office talking with her boss, David thought. He waited patiently, knowing his time was running thin before people would start to become suspicious about his absence. In time, all he saw was a woman he had never seen before, and he dragged his head down and an idea popped into his mind. He could walk into the building and ask if he could see that woman. The shoved his face into his palm and shook his head at his idea. He didn’t even know the name of this woman, how could he possibly ask for her? He started into the window, and to his intent, there she was, Becca, walking right back to her desk. He jumped up into the air and tapped on the window, not too light, but loud enough to be heard. Becca eyes quickly shifted as she saw David from the other day, she signaled him to the front door as she ran there as well.
“Hey kid, you’re the same boy from the other day being dragged by that woman?” Asked Becca.
“Yes Ma’am, she is my mother,” he responded in a grim tone with his eyes beaming towards the ground.
“Oh, that doesn’t seem alright. Does she always act that way? And oh, sorry, didn’t mean to be rude, my name is Rebecca, but you can just call me Becca. What is your name?” Said Becca.
“My name is David Becca, I just hoped you could help me get out of the dreaded house..” David pained eyes drifted towards Becca’s. “Please Becca, I absolutely beg of you.”
“I will gladly help you David, let me call up the police station and they will be able to get you out of the life of that woman.” Becca said back with a smile.
The police arrived shortly after the call, the scooped up David, he had a frightened, yet grateful look on his face. He was put into the passengers seat of the cruiser and slowly waved, tears streaming down his face, as he looked directly at Becca’s face. She stared back and waved as well. It was a good farewell and Becca knew what she had done was right, she smiled and returned the matters of her grandmother.