Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Quarter Outside Reading Book Review

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling. Arthur A. Levine Books, 2005. Genre: Fiction

This is 6th book in the Harry Potter series, the sequel to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Harry Potter is the main character in the story (quite obviously), along with his friends, and the head wizard at Hogwarts, Dumbledore. The story takes place in current day in London, England, and mainly at the wizardry school Hogwarts. In this story, Harry Potter, as well as others, are trying to take down the most powerful evil wizard, Voldemort. Harry Potter works with Dumbledore, to find a way to take down Voldemort.
In this book, J.K. Rowling likes to use a large variety of descriptive adjectives, that allows you to actually imagine what the majority of the characters in the book look like just from imagining them. Also, in this book, she put more drama between friends in the book, unlike most of the other books, which actually made the book more entertaining to read. "A scene of total devastation met their eyes. A grandfather clock lay splintered at their feet, its face cracked, its pendulum lying a little farther away like a dropped sword. A piano was on its side, its key strewn across the floor. The wreckage of a fallen chandelier glittered nearby. Cushions lay deflated, feathers oozing from slashes in their sides; fragments of glass and china lay like powder over everything"' (63).
I have read the Harry Potter series from the begining, as well as watched the movies, and I am awed by her work with these books. After reading one page, it makes me want to just keep reading on farther into it. This book kept me in suspense on what was going to happen next, with quite a bit of pitch black humor subtly thrown into the story. It also told later in the story, that people may understimate the power of a minor, which inspired me greatly. I would like to continue reading the series to know what will happen next.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Different angles of a FPS?

Many people value different things in life. It can very to just a lowly event, that brought satisfaction to a variety of people, or just something like an expensive objects such as jewelery. I value many different things in life, but there are a simple few things that just give me a feeling of glee. Things just as simple as pulling a good grade out of a test, or just doing well in a certain challenges are things that I value, but there are things that I value immensely.

I quietly open the door, making sure no loud sounds would occur, which would result in the hollering of an angry mother. I hover across the rickety floor and slowly descend onto my couch. I reach over and grab the perfectly shaped controller that fits just right in my hands, and slowly slide the headset over the top of my head. I hold down no the large silver button and kick up my feet as I am about to begin on a joy ride.
I pop in a game disc into the large console with the engraved letters, spelling out Xbox 360, that has been waiting impatiently for my return. A notification alerts all of my other friends that I have returned. I receive a few invitations from a few others, advising me that they would like if I were to join them in playing. I ponder whom should I tag along with, then I decide on who to join. I sink farther into my couch as a wave of relaxation flows over me as I enjoy the experience.
My friends and I ascend into the battlefield, ready for the action. The loud sound of a fragmentation grenade exploding sounds from behind me. I feel shell shock due to it, but shake it off as I trudge along. I mow down one player on the opposing team and quickly take the lead. An alarm sounds off, warning players that there is only a minute left. My character dies a few times more, but ends up re-spawning brand new every time. The battle ends, and my friends let out cheers and begin to boast about how good they did.

I slowly push my goggles back up the bridge of my nose and I crouch down and lightly step through the soft terrain, avoiding branches and other noise causing objects. In my hands I help my brand new m14, gripping tightly onto my the green rubberized ABS plastic and pushing the metal stock hard onto my shoulder. The majority of the gun was composed of iron, including the bolt and the sights, which gave it a more realistic feel. It was electric powered, running on a 9.4 volt battery. It is an average gun all around, but it pulls through whenever I need it.
I kept my head down, and glanced around quickly. Everything was still, almost peaceful, but I knew it couldn't be. I gripped tighter on my m14, having the feeling of paranoia kicking me in the stomach as a kept glancing into the distance. I quickly drop to the ground as a hear the click click of bbs tapping the bark on the tree I was moving next to. I pop my head up and surveyed the area around me and I see a faint figure at the top of the hill. He noticed he had been spotted, but did not retreat. He kept firing in my general direction, thinking I was gonna become impatient and try to fire back from my spot. After he had stopped firing, I revealed myself from my position and fired a well aim shot then hit him directly in the forehead. He shouted loudly then yelled out "hit!" and tossed both his hands into the air, one with a grip on his gun. I grinned to myself. It was my first 'kill' with my new gun, and I knew it was going to leave a mark.

With my Xbox 360, I can get hours of leisurely entertainment, which friends whom I knew in real life, or just people I have met from playing online. In total, it was $200 for the console alone, a range from $20 to $60, then it costs an additional $50 per year, to be able to play online with others. With airsoft, I play with my friends, and we play for fun, as well for bragging rights. I value both these immensely, not because of how much I spent on them, because they are both worth while things to do for me, and will continue to for quite a bit of time.